Psychology Course Union


UBCO PSU LogoThe UBC Okanagan Psychology Course Union (PCU) is a team of dedicated psychology students who offer resources and organize events to help others succeed within the field of psychology. The psychology course union is committed to helping further learning opportunities for students that share a passion for psychology!

Making Students Lives Easier

The PCU dedicates their time to ensure they make students’ lives easier by providing resources and organizing events to facilitate students learning of psychology.

The PCU helps to:

  • expand students’ resources and network
  • provide more research opportunities
  • broaden ideas about mental health

The PCU ensures that students know about any and all opportunities that surround psychology and host events that help students make more informed decisions and make their lives just a bit easier. The PCU is committed to ensuring that students have the smoothest time navigating through their psychology endeavours.

Accomplishments and Future Plans

The PCU works hard to introduce events that engage students and faculty. Some of their accomplishments include hosting review sessions that cater to specific first year psychology course material, hosting events that provide students with guidance in specific areas of psychology, and providing a social platform that caters to providing informal content about psychology. The PCU also hosts the occasional psychology jeopardy night to keep students engaged and entertain those who are interested.

Past Events:

  • “Getting into Grad School”
  • “Research 101”
  • Trivia Nights
  • Movie Nights
  • Review sessions

Future Events:

  • The Okanagan: Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference (O-PURC)
    • Provide psychology students with an opportunity to present their research, receive mentorship, and understand the experience of a conference
    •  Provide networking opportunities
    • Inspire students to explore research opportunities
  • Review sessions
    • Help students feel confident when heading into exams
    • Provide students with an opportunity to test their knowledge and ask questions about course concepts they need clarification on
    • PSYO 111, 121, 270, and 271
    • For the 2021-2022 school year, review sessions will be held in person, with online options for those who cannot attend
    • Create study materials that expand upon the content taught by professors
    • Provide a student-centred learning environment

Get Involved

Please contact the PCU by sending a direct message on Instagram or email