Psychology Student Groups

Course Union Students on the UBC Okanagan Campus

Psychology students lead and/or participate in a variety of organizations.

Psychology Course Union

The UBC Okanagan Psychology Course Union is a team of dedicated psychology students who offer resources and organize events to help others succeed within the field of psychology. The psychology course union is committed to helping further learning opportunities for students that share the same passion for psychology.

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Psychology Graduate Student Association (PGSA)

The PGSA is a group of Psychology graduate students who seek to improve the well-being and experience of undergraduate and graduate psychology students by hosting graduate school workshops, connecting incoming graduate students with mentors, and working with faculty members on the mentorship of undergraduate students.


The Action for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Committee (AIDE)

The AIDE Committee is a group of graduate students and faculty in the Psychology Department at UBC Okanagan who are working towards addressing issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion in academia and the field of psychology. This includes addressing barriers to on campus services, ensuring equal opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in psychology, improving access to admission and research training for underrepresented students (e.g., international, low-income, and Indigenous students), and implementing diversity, inclusion, and equity training within the Department. AIDE is committed to providing long-term advocacy and support for diversity, equity, and inclusion-related initiatives within the Psychology Department and the wider campus community.

Mental Health Awareness and Advocacy Club (MHAAC)

MHAAC is composed of a group of graduate students in Clinical Psychology that aim to provide mental health awareness and advocacy both on campus and in the community. This includes providing information to students and the general public, participating in events related to mental health, connecting students with other resources, and develop initiatives with other clubs and programs for mental health.


For more information about other student clubs or organizations on campus, please visit the Okanagan Student Union’s website: