Lesley Lutes


Other Titles: Registered Psychologist #2205, Director, Clinical Training, Graduate Program Advisor, Director, Center for Obesity and Well-Being Research Excellence
Office: ASC 203
Phone: 250.807.8128
Email: llutes@mail.ubc.ca

Graduate student supervisor

Research Summary

Considering graduate students (Clinical stream) for 2022-23. Clinical Health Psychology; innovative cognitive and behavioural change programs aimed at improving physical and emotional well-being/happiness; Integrated primary care; Weight management

Courses & Teaching

Ethics, graduate clinical practicum in group therapy.


Center for Obesity and Well-Being Research Excellence
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BA Honours Concordia University
MSc Wake Forest University
PhD Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Selected Publications & Presentations

* Indicates with students

Diener, E., Biswas-Diener, R., Lutes, L.D., LeViness, P., Wiking, M., Kim, E., & Buettner, D. (2019). Well-being interventions to improve societies. World Happiness Report.

Kushlev, K., Heintzelman, S.J., Lutes, L.D., Wirtz. D., Kanippayoor, J.M., Leitner, D., & Diener, E. (In Press). Does Happiness Improve Health? Evidence From a Randomized Controlled Trial. Psychological Science.

Hatley, K.E., Quesnel, D.A., Lutes, L.D., Nezami, B., Wojtanowski, A. Pinto, A., Power, J., Diamond, M., Polzien, K., Foster, G, & Tate. (In Press) D. Allowing unlimited consumption of fruits, vegetables, and lean protein in a commercial weight loss program: Results from a 6-month pilot trial.

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DuBose, K., Kemble, C., Raedeke, T., Lutes, L.D., Y Collier, D. (2017). The effects of a low-dose physical activity intervention in physical activity and body mass in morbidly obese adolescents. International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health (IJAMH). DOI:10.1515/ijamh-2016-0121.

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Damschroder, L.J., Goodrich, D.E., Kim, H.M., Holleman, R., Gillon, L., Kirsh, S., Richardson, C.R. & Lutes, L.D. Development and Validation of the ASPIRE-VA Coaching Fidelity Checklist (ACFC): A practical tool to help ensure deliver of high quality weight management interventions. Translational Behavioral Medicine. DOI: 10.1007/s13142-015-0336-x.

Selected Grants & Awards

Site Principal Investigator for Canada Tate, D., Bryant, M., Lutes, L.D., Stevens, J., Truesdale, K. ($1,730,237 USD; 2018-2020). Randomized Controlled Trial of an International Commercial Program on Weight Loss and Health Outcomes. Funding Source: Weight Watchers International.
Co-Principal Investigator Lutes, L.D., & Tang, T. ($8,600; 2018). Improving Self-management and Reducing Distress in Diabetes: Integrating Community Health Worker Models in the Primary Care Setting. Funding Source: UBC Collaboration Grant Competition between Vancouver & Okanagan campuses.
Co-Investigator – Lead on the Mental Health Division Ginis, K.M, Jung, M., Lutes, L.D., Little, J. Holtzman, S., Rush, K., Oelke, N., Kurtz, D., Jones, C., Hickey, R., & Berg, S. ($249,999; 2017-2020). Community Health Research. Funding Source: University of British Columbia – Eminence Fund Competition.
Principal Investigator Lutes, L.D. ($130,083; 2017-2022). The Center for Obesity and Well-being Research Excellence (CORE). Funding Source: British Columbia Knowledge Development Fund (BCKDF).
Principal Investigator Lutes, L.D. ($130,083; 2017-2022). The Center for Obesity and Well-being Research Excellence (CORE). Funding Source: Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI).
Co-Principal Investigator Lutes, L.D. & Wirtz, D. ($120,000; 2017-2019). ENHANCE 2: Enduring Happiness and Continued Self-Enhancement – A Pragmatic Randomized Clinical Trial. Funding Source: Diener Foundation.
Co-Principal Investigator McManus, A, & Lutes, L.D., ($100,000; 2017-2019). A Well-being Assessment of Kelowna’s Youth: Mental and Physical Health of Children and Adolescents in the Okanagan. Funding Source: Tree of Hope and TD Foundation.

Professional Services/Affiliations/Committees

Member, Society of Behavioral Medicine
Member, The Obesity Society
President-Elect, Canadian Council for Professional Psychology Programs (CCPPP)
Editorial Board, Annals of Behavioral Medicine
Executive Council, Canadian Council for Professional Psychology Programs (CCPPP)


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