Lesley Lutes

(She, Her, Hers)


Other Titles: Director of Clinical Training; Director, Center for Obesity and Well-Being Research Excellence
Office: ASC 203
Email: llutes@mail.ubc.ca

Graduate student supervisor. Will consider Psychology graduate students for September 2024 intake.

Research Summary

Clinical Health Psychology; innovative cognitive and behavioural change programs aimed at improving physical and emotional well-being and happiness; Integrated primary care; Weight management

Courses & Teaching

Residency/Internship Preparation


Center for Obesity and Well-Being Research Excellence


PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
MSc, Wake Forest University
BA Honours, Concordia University

Selected Publications & Presentations

Google Scholar

Research Gate

Tallon, C.M., Smith, J.K., Nowak-Fluck, D., Koziol, A.V., Rieger M.G., Lutes, L.D., Green, D.J., Tremblay, M.S., Ainslie, P.N., & McManus, A.M. (2021). The influence of sex and maturation on carotid and vertebral artery hemodynamics and assocations with free-living (in-activity) in 6-17-year-olds. Journal of applied physiology (131): 1575-1583.

Cheng, T; Horbay, B; Nocos, R; Lutes, L; Lear, S. (2021). The Role of Tailored Public Health Messaging to Young Adults during COVID-19:“There’s a lot of ambiguity around what it means to be safe.” PloS One, 16(10), e0258121

Swift, D; Nevels, T; Solar, C; Brophy, P; McGee, J; Barefoot, S; Clark, A; Houmard, J; Lutes, L. (2021). The Effect of Aerobic Training and Increasing Nonexercise Physical Activity Cardiometabolic Risk Factors. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 53(10):2152-2163.

Lutes, L; Iyar, M; Fountaine, A. (2021). Getting real: How we can help heal and protect millions from unnecessary suffering, illness, and death in Canada. Psynopsis: Healthcare Innovation Issue, 43(1): 18-19.

Lutes, L; Iyar, M; Rootman, J; Silverberg, N. & Grand, J.H. (2021). Mental health consequences and interventions for COVID-19: What know and where we need to go. Psynopsis, 42(3): 10-11; 13.

Kushlev, K; Heintzelman, S; Lutes, L; Wirtz. D; Kanippayoor, J; Leitner, D; Diener, E. (2020). Does Happiness Improve Health? Evidence From a Randomized Controlled Trial. Psychological Science, 31(7): 807-821.

Tate, D; Quesnel, D; Lutes, L; Hatley, K; Nezami, B; Wojtanowski, A; Pinto, A; Power, J; Diamond, M; Polzien, K; Foster, G. (2020). Examination of a partial dietary self-monitoring approach for behavioral weight management. Obesity Science & Practice, 6(4): 353-364.

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Thomas, J; Lutes, L; Smirnova, E; Das, B; Huzurbazar, S; Aldrich, L; Kepler, M. (2019). Self-Concept in the Context of Diabetes Prevention: Development of the Lifestyle Health-Related Self-Concept Questionnaire. American Journal of Health Promotion, 3(3): 452-456.

Ford, J; Littleton, H; Lutes, L; Wuensch, K; Benton, C; Cahill, J; Hudson, C; Nekkanti, R; Gehi, A; Sears, S. (2019). Evaluation of an internet-based Intervention for ICD patients with elevated symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder. Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology, 42: 521-529.

Cumming, D; Lutes, L; Littlewood, K; Solar, C; Carraway, M; Kirian, K; Patil, S; Adams, A; Ciszewski, S; Edwards, S; Gatlin, P; Hambridge, B. (2019). Randomized Trial of a Tailored Cognitive Behavioral Intervention in Type 2 Diabetes with Comorbid Depressive and/or Regimen-related Distress Symptoms -– 12-month outcomes from COMRADE. Diabetes Care.,42(5): 841-848.

Lutes, L; Cummings, D; Littlewood, K; Solar, C; Carraway, M; Kirian, K; Patil, S; Adams, A; Ciszewski, S; Hambidge, B. (2018). A randomized trial of an individually tailored integrated care intervention for uncontrolled type 2 diabetes with depression and/or distress in the rural southeastern US. Contemporary Clinical Trials. 70: 8-14.

Crane, M., Lutes, L.D., Sherwood, N.E., Ward, D., & Tate, D. (2018). Weight loss strategies utilized in a men’s weight loss intervention.  Health Education and Behavior, 45(3), 401-409.

Lutes, L; Cummings, D; Littlewood, K; DiNatale, E; Hambidge, B. (2017). Using community health workers to deliver a small changes treatment to African American women with uncontrolled diabetes: 12-month outcomes from EMPOWER. Obesity. 25(8): 1329-1335.

Selected Grants & Awards

Lear, S., Roe, I., Bettinger, J., Lutes, L.D., Witteman, H., ($183,728: 2021-2022). Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Vaccine Confidence Digital App for Young Adults. Funding Source: Canadian Institutes for Heath Research

Teo, M; Campbell, T; Lutes, L. ($57,795; 2021-2022). A Community-based Adaptation of the Small Changes Behavioural Weight Loss Treatment Approach for Psoriatic Arthritis Patients with Comorbid Obesity. Funding Source: Canadian Initiative for Outcomes in Rheumatoid Arthritis (Canada) CIORA Grant Award

Campbell, T; Bacon, S; Campbell, D; Corace, K; Coroiu, A; Lavoie, K; Lutes, L; Presseau, J; Rash, J; Williams, C. ($271,575; 2021-2023). The iPROTECT Study: Developing and testing an online intervention to improve the uptake and maintenance of personal protective behaviours against COVID-19. Funding Source: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)

Prinicipal Applicant
($100,000; 2019-2021). Thrive walk in clinic – a barrier free access to mental health services. Funding Source: Private  Donor.

Site Principal Investigator for Canada
Tate, D., Bryant, M., Lutes, L.D., Stevens, J., Truesdale, K. ($1,730,237 USD; 2018-2020). Randomized Controlled Trial of an International Commercial Program on Weight Loss and Health Outcomes. Funding Source: Weight Watchers International.

Co-Principal Investigator
Lutes, L.D., & Tang, T. ($8,600; 2018-2019). Improving Self-management and Reducing Distress in Diabetes: Integrating Community Health Worker Models in the Primary Care Setting. Funding Source: UBC Collaboration Grant Competition between Vancouver & Okanagan campuses.

Co-Investigator – Lead on the Mental Health Division
Ginis, K.M, Jung, M., Lutes, L.D., Little, J. Holtzman, S., Rush, K., Oelke, N., Kurtz, D., Jones, C., Hickey, R., & Berg, S. ($249,999; 2017-2020). Community Health Research. Funding Source: University of British Columbia – Eminence Fund Competition.

Principal Investigator
Lutes, L.D. ($130,083; 2017-2022). The Center for Obesity and Well-being Research Excellence (CORE). Funding Source: British Columbia Knowledge Development Fund (BCKDF).

Principal Investigator
Lutes, L.D. ($130,083; 2017-2022). The Center for Obesity and Well-being Research Excellence (CORE). Funding Source: Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI).

Co-Principal Investigator
Lutes, L.D. & Wirtz, D. ($120,000; 2017-2019). ENHANCE 2: Enduring Happiness and Continued Self-Enhancement – A Pragmatic Randomized Clinical Trial. Funding Source: Diener Foundation.

Co-Principal Investigator
McManus, A, & Lutes, L.D., ($100,000; 2017-2019). A Well-being Assessment of Kelowna’s Youth: Mental and Physical Health of Children and Adolescents in the Okanagan. Funding Source: Tree of Hope and TD Foundation.

Professional Services/Affiliations/Committees

Co-Director of Public Advocacy, BC Psychological Association

Editorial Board, Contemporary Clinical Trials

Past President, Canadian Council for Professional Psychology Programs (CCPPP)

Member, Society of Behavioral Medicine

Member, The Obesity Society


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