Jennifer Hinnell

Postdoctoral Fellow, Gesture and Language Development Lab

Office: remote


Dr. Jennifer Hinnell is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at UBC-O. She uses corpus, motion capture, and experimental methods in her multimodal language research. In her PhD at the University of Alberta with Dr. Sally Rice she demonstrated the gestural and postural movements that are conventionally produced with a series of fixed and semi-fixed expressions in English. She’s most interested in how people ‘do’ language in action, i.e., in face-to-face interaction. With Dr. Elena Nicoladis, her postdoctoral research project will investigate everyday communication in people with Parkinson’s Disease.


Selected Publications & Presentations


Parrill, F. Hinnell, J., Moran, G., Boylan H., Gupta, I., Zamir,  A. (2022).  Observers use Gesture to Disambiguate Contrastive Expressions of Preference. Language and Cognition. 14(1), 19-46. doi: 10.1017/langcog.2021.20

Hinnell, J. & Parrill, F. (2020). Gesture influences resolution of ambiguous statements of neutral and moral preferences. Frontiers in Psychology – Cognition. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2020.587129.

Hinnell, J. (2019). The verbal-kinesic enactment of CONTRAST in North American English. The American Journal of Semiotics, 35(1-2): 55-92. doi: 10.5840/ajs20198754.

Hinnell, J. (2018). The multimodal marking of aspect: The case of five periphrastic auxiliary constructions in North American English. Cognitive Linguistics, 29(4): 773-806. doi: 10.1515/cog-2017-0009.

Schüller, D., Beecks, C., Hassani, M., Hinnell, J., Brenger, B., Seidl, T., & Mittelberg, I. (2017). Automated pattern analysis in gesture research: Similarity measuring in 3D motion capture models of communicative action. Digital Humanities Quarterly, 11(2), 1-14.

Beecks, C., Hassani, M., Brenger, B., Hinnell, J., Schüller, D., Mittelberg, I. & Seidl, T. (2016). Efficient query processing in 3D motion capture gesture databases via the gesture matching distance. International Journal of Semantic Computing, 10(1), 5-25. doi: 10.1142/S1793351X16400018.


Hinnell, J. & Mittelberg, I. (in press). Iconicity in gesture. In Cienki, A. (ed), Cambridge Handbook of Gesture Studies.

Mittelberg, I. & Hinnell, J. (2023) Gesture Studies and Semiotics. In Pelkey, J. & Cobley, P. (eds),   Bloomsbury Semiotics: Semiotic Movements Vol. 4, pp.183-214. London: Bloomsbury Academic.

Taboada, M., Carretero, M. & Hinnell, J. (2016). Loving and hating in the movies in English, German and Spanish. In M.A. Lefer & S. Vogeleer (eds.), Genre- and Register-related Discourse Features in Contrast, pp. 127-161. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. (Reprint of Taboada et al., 2014). doi: 10.1075/bct.87.


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